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June 2013

First day in Paris - amazing!


Friday 31st May

Well our officially day in Paris. The weather waking up to was a little depressing, looked like the dodgy rainy weather from London had followed us to Paris which is a liter unfortunate but what can you do. Woke up and headed down to our breakfast. It was a lot different to London's, included fruit, Weird eggs and yogurt, cereal, crepes, croissants and sweet break which was kinda yuck but hey it's free. We also went up to reception to try and organize tickets to the moulin rouge, we had wanted to go saturday night but they were booked out so we settled for the Champagne sitting tonight, woohoo, very exciting and they booked and organized the whole thing which was great. Had plans to meet with grace at the Eiffel tower at 10:30 so thinking if we leaved at 10am we would be good but it took way longer than that and after getting on the wrong metro ended up at the tower an hour late at 11am. When in Paris right lol. Anyway after about 5 min we located grace and it was so fantastic to meet someone and in Paris of all places lol. After many hugs and a quick catchup up we walked through the gorgeous gardens near by and got some lovely photos of the tower and caught up on some goss. After spending some time walking around the surrounding area we decided to go the the rodin museum so started to walk in that direction hoping that we would find somewhere nice to have lunch before tackling tmhe museums. The buildings in Paris are amazing, everything looks so beautiful and has so much history it was hard to get my head arou d it all and take it all in, was so nice to just walk along the streets watching Paris go buy, I was falling in love already :) 

We finally decided to head into this restaurant / cafe, looked nice enough. We were given a lunch time special of a starter and main for 15,50 which we thought was a good deal but unfortunately the food was pretty average. I had a salmon and cream cheese cannoli and tandoori chicken and rice. It was nice but not great, jenni got the pasta and she was pretty disappointed with hers. We ordered our first bottle of red for the trip and spent a couple of hours drinking, eating and watching the world go buy, was really lovely. After lunch grace took control of the map and we walked our way to the Rodin museum. I was excited to go here, this is where toxins famous statue of the thinker is kept amongst a lot of other famous works by him like gateway to hell. We got there and the grounds looked amazing, all these cute like hedges and pointy stress littered the gardens with his most famous and large stature within them, it was gorgeous, I could have just wondered around these gardens for hours, so peaceful. The museum itself was not very busy and we had o line up to go in and cost us 8 euro. After spending a good amount of time in the garden we headed into the museum, it houses most of his work which he had donated and the whole place is like a massive old house, it was really special walking through each room looking at the simply displayed statues on the creaky wooden floors. I loved this place. It was still freezing cold though and the building offered little respite. We then decided a hot drink was in order, this museum is completely privately funded from ticket sales and donations so we went to the museum cafe to make our contribution lol. I ordered a hot chocolate with cream, yummy and we shared a vanilla slice and panacotta, both were delicious! The Rodin museum took us all afternoon and grace had decided not to go to the moulin rouge so headed back towards the notre dam where she was staying and we fought the metro home stopping in and picking up a few gifts for friends. Arrived home and as the show didn't start for a few hours and we went that hungry decided to relax back at the room and take our time getting ready, actually had a half an hour power nap which was great as I was starting to feel exhausted, traveling is hard work lol. We got ourselves all dolled up and caught the metro to moulin rouge, jenni was very excited about this leg of the holiday and what has been a reoccurring thing we were once again a tad late and were seated straight away and the show started within minutes of sitting down. We shared a table with 2 other older words but we didn't exchange conversation besides when she spilt her champagne all over me, accident of course but still annoying. We shared a bottle of champagne between the two of us but our waiter was completely useless and spilt it all over the table, typical.

Well what can I say about moulin rouge, I know a lot of people don't like and say it's a tourist trap and way over priced and yes it's expensive at 100 euro a ticket but I thought it was amazing and really had a great night out, it was like a mix between euro vision meets Victoria secret but not as expensive lol. It was tacky and fun, the girls were hot, we got to see lots of boobs and amazing bodies and the outfits were pretty amazing, overall i loved it and would recommend it :D afterwards we had a few ciders at Irish bar down the road which was great fun, this part of Paris was pumping on a Saturday night, we would have stayed and partied longer but we still wanted to catch the metro home and they stopped at around 1am so headed home. A bit drunk, high on Paris and was in bed by 2:30pm. What a day!!!!

Love cara xoxo

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London to Paris


Thursday 30th May 

Well today is our last day in London :( felt like I had only just scratched the surface and would have loved to have spent more time here but am really happy I got to see as much as I did and still soak up the city, I didn't felt rushed and although we didn't tick off all the must see boxes it just leaves them for the next visit lol.

So we got up early this morning, packed our bags and headed down for our last breakfast and we planned to go to Madame tusaudes this morning early and hopefully beat the lines and we pre paid for tickets through the hotel to save us time too. We could have used the 241 offer hear but thanks to me loosing my travel card that kinda stuffed things up and felt like it really wasn't worth the effort. Any who breakfast was nice as it has always been and the waiters in the dinning room are lovely, the front staff should take lessons from them lol. Placed our bags in storage at the hotel which we have to pay 50p for, was a little surprised because they didn't do this when we arrived. Anyway set off to the local tube and caught the train to baker street arriving there at about 9:30am, they opened at ten. No one was lining up which was great news and they informed us that they opened early so we walked straight on through, bonus. I know a lot of people find is a tacky tourist trap but I actually had a great time looking at all the wax figures and they had all this interactive parts like the scream section where you had to walk through this dungeon while zombies came out and attacked us lol silly but it was actually really fun and also saw a 4D marvel movie which was cool. We got a tacky "when in London" photo which was pretty funny and were done with the exhibit about 11am. Decided to maybe try our luke at the natural history museum but unfortunately when we got there the wait was over an hour and once again just didn't have time. The blue whale and dinosaurs will have to wait for the  next visit :) but while here we did find this little quirky bakery type cafe with the most amazing food, a little pricer then what we have usually been paying for lunch but I got a pulled pork pickle coleslaw on sweet potato and a lemonade for I think 15 pounds. It was soooooooo yummy, I have eaten so well in London, have not had one bad meal! 

We still had a few hours to kill so caught the tube to harrods and decided to explore. Oh my gosh the building alone is dripping in money and class, it was gorgeous, we didn't go through the whole thing but headed to the food hall and drooled over all Thor amazing produce and products the were selling. They had this massive hall that was solely devoted to chocolate, I was literally in heaven. They sold the most amazing chocolates and I got a white chocolate coffee creme, which chocolate and pineapple liqueur and chocolate moose, best chocolate I have ever eaten and cost 1.80 for the three. Yum yum yum. 

Decided to head back to the hotel and do some gift shopping in the local suvenlour shop and picked up a few things for the family and picked up our luggage. We were going to walk to kings cross station which is where our eurostar train to Paris was  leaving from but my bags were super heavy and it looked like it was going to rain so decided to catch the tube from Russell square there which is only one stop down the line lol. Had a few issues dragging our bags up and down the stairs at the train station but we managed, sore back but got there in the end. Found a boots chemist in the train station and got some voltaren for my foot as when I woke up this morning it was all swollen and bruised, I literally don't have any idea what I have done to it. Then chemist guy was super helpful so that was great. Headed to the eurostar entrance and when rough immigration and security and got my first Paris wink from the immigration guy, lol, was pretty funny. Got in and instantly everything was in front lol. Got some snacks from the newsagent and waited to board the train. The train didn't look anything spectacular from the outside and the cart numbering was a little confusing but we managed to find our seat and stored our luggage. We settled in, ate all our food, I wrote a few postcards and jenny had a nap, it went so quickly and before I knew it we had arrived. We had plans learn a little French on the trip but that completely went out the window lol; oh god wish us luck, we were both a little nervous as this time both of us had no idea what we were doing. Got our luggage and followed everyone else into the train station. Well Paris your first impressions were kind of gross, the place smelt really bad of urine, you have to pay to use the toilets here so obviously the homeless and people who don't have the money just piss wherever they want, there were literally puddles of urine, it was disgusting!! Anyway got of the train dragging our bags behind us, didn't realize how much crap I had brought and had with me until I had to drag them behind me. I think because the tube was so easy and we had become so comfortable with it, navigating a completely different network in a different language we had no idea about at night time was really difficult. Managed to find a ticket counter and lucky for us the the lady new English and we were able to navigate to the train station fairly good considering. Lugging our bags down stairs was bloody hard though. We finally got off the station and after asking a lovely guy in another hotel got directions to the hotel and after initially thinking it was right next door had to walk about twenty minutes, totally exhausted after dragging our bags the whole way, sucked! Got to the hotel and the front office lady was fabulous, really nice, actually everyone has been so far. Got up to our room on the fifth floor. The room was nice but really small, the twin beds were right up against each other but we can manage, it was clean, modern and tidy just really small lol. Had a shower and straight to bed, was a massive day :) Paris tomorrow . Woohoo!

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