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Tuesday  28th May 

Woke up at the crack of dawn, not sure if that was jet lag or just excited lol but was up at 5:30, did some blogging and chilled in bed until jenni was up. We both got ready and headed down for our free breakfast in the hotel. Breakfast included bacon, eggs, toast, tomatoes, baked beans, fruit, toast and musli. Everything was ok except the tin fruit was disgusting and the toast a little soggy. Finished up and was out the door by 9am. London showed it's true colours and was cold, rainy and miserable although I quite liked it, could have done with an extra layer of clothes but I sucked it up and managed. Our first point of call this  morning was the British museum and with the weather how it was thought it would be a perfect start. The museum didn't open until 10am so went to Starbucks to warm up with a coffee and use there wifi. We are having troubles connecting to the one in our hotel room so was good to catch up with family and friends. 

The British museum is huge and kinda has a roman feel to it with massive big pillars out the front and throughout. I loved this museum, we got in early so wasn't overly busy, don't get me wrong there were loads of people but you never felt rushed. The collection here was amazing but my favorite would had to have been the statues and pieces brought in from Athens including this pristine statue of  afrodite and the Egyptian display, who doesn't love a good mummy exhibit :) I love museums and this was great. We managed to walk through the whole thing in just over two hours, by the end of it our heads were swimming with information. Our next stop was the British library which was only a short walk away and decided to re fuel as it was about lunch time. We found a pret manger (this franchise is everywhere through London) which is this chain of cafes that sells all this yummy fresh salads, coffee, snacks, gorgeous sandwiches and home made soup, I fell in love with this place, I so wish Australia had them. I got a chicken salad, tomato and herb soup and ginger beer, was delicious!! Total cost 9 pounds, bargain.  After a rest and a feed we headed into the library. I loved this place, we had a bit if trouble trying to find the exhibit on their treasured pieces but in the centre if the library they have this amazing glassed off section of book several stories high called this kings library filled with all these amazing ancient books, it was like a piece of artwork its self, my draw literally dropped. After checking out the book store and doing a few laps eventually found there exhibit. I have never in my life been so close to so many unbeilable piece of literature, it's mind boggling. There were so many so I won't list them all but my favorites were the hand written sheets of music from Mozart and written lyrics from the beetles. There was also this amazing hand written letter from issac newton while he was having his breakdown suspected from mercury or lead poisoning due to his experiments to his friend ranting about wanting to forever be alone. There was also a first edition tyndals (I think that's the spelling) bible, this is pretty amazing as these were the first ever bibles to be translated to english, however back then English was seen as a language beneath them and him and his wife were actually executed for it and orders were sent out to have every copy burned and anyone with was in possession of one killed, dramatic I know. This bible is one of only three in the entire world that survived and I got to read two pages of it in person, truly amazing. 

After spending well over an hour here we decided to catch the tube to go to Madame tussauds but everyone had the same idea as us since it was raining the lines were unbelievable, decided to do this first thing in the morning on another day, this area was insanely busy and it was crazy cold. Went back to baker street tube station to regroup. Decided to maybe check the national history museum for a short visit as we were running out of time somewhat as we had high tea booked at 5:30pm. Took the tubue to the museum and the line here was worse, oh my god I had never seen anything like it, I was so disappointed as i was really looking forwarded to seeing their blue whale, oh well. Feeling a bit deflated after traveling around everywhere and getting nowhere we decided to just go to picadilly street, find where we were having high tea and walk around that area. Caught the tube again for like the tenth time today lol to green park and walked along picadilly street and park lane, saw some amazing car show rooms including a crazy astin Martin one and some high end real estate and hotels, felt very poor in this area lo. Did some suveniour shopping, got zack a shirt and headed to our high tea.

This was nothing short of spectacular. It was at the athenaeum hotel and this place was the most pimped luxurious hotel I had ever been in, they had powder rooms instead of bathrooms and your own butler, it was crazy. I felt a little out of place  surrounded by all that money, I was scared I was going to break something lol. all I can say is the service was amazing, the food to die for and the rose petal Champagne was nothing but spectacular, I recommend anyone going to London to do a high tea and definitely one here, I couldn't recommend it enough. It was so perfect sitting and chatting with jenni, gossiping and having quality time with each other, this was a highlight for sure. We stayed here for two hours eating non stop and soaking it all in. the high tea was 36 ponds and worth every penny. 

After stuffing ourselves silly with sandwiches, scones and deserts we decided to try our luck on the London eye, we were hoping that because it was late and slightly overcast the lines wouldn't be too long. Fingers crossed. Back on the tube to Waterloo and short walk to the eye. Our luck had changed and after getting our ticket there was no line and we went straight on, a little pricy at 19.5 pounds but I loved it and thought it was worth it. The sky had cleared up a bit and the sun even peaked through. We got amazing views of london and some lovely photographs, there were only six of us in the pod so heaps of room. It takes about half an hour to go around. Exited the eye and walked back to the station, it was bone chilling cold and gearing onto 9pm but still light, loving these long days. Caught the tube to Russell square and walked to the hotel. My feet were soooooooo sore by the end of today and it was nice to get back into the warmth and rest them. We skipped dinner as we were still so full from high tea lol. Long hot shower and then to bed. 

Wow, what a day. 

Love cara xoxo 

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Hi Cara, not sure if you remember, but I chatted to you on Tripadvisor!

Loving your blog, reminds be of my family's first time in London a couple of years ago. The British Museum is brilliant isn't it, and as for Westminster Abbey, wow!!

Looking forward to reading all the future posts, from memory to are also going to Paris, which is by far my favourite place.

Enjoy your travels!

by djh1

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