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Sydney to Bangkok


Sunday 26th May 2013

Well my flight last night was good, the sky was crystal clear landing into Sydney and it looked so magical with all it's lights in full glory, was like something out of a fairytale. As I was sitting up front it was a breeze exiting the plane and my bag was one of the first on the carousel so was literally out of the airport in ten minutes. I had to catch a train and a fairy to my sisters place in Manly and I felt like Sydney was prepping me for the London weather that awaits me as it was freezing. I had to catch the train from the airport o circular quay and then a ferry to manly to get to my sisters place but all went without incident and I was showered and in bed by 11pm after a quick catch up with my sister. If only I was asleep by then but as usual with the nerves and excitement I had a very broken sleep but hey, I have a 9 hour flight to take a nap on so no real complaints here. :)

Was up at 6:30am, out the door by 7am to be at the Sydney international airport for my 9:40am flight to Bangkok. Unfortunately there was sine kind of traffic holdup getting into the airport so I was a little anxious to say the least an didn't give me and my sister a lot of time for goodbyes which I was a little bummed out about. So quickly rushed to the Qantas line and it was massive, there must of been a lot of flight heading out this morning as there was people everywhere which didn't help the anxiety, I know silly right? But airports and flying is not my strong point and I felt stressed the whole time. Finally got to the counter and I know it was super busy but the lady was really rushing me and she was talking so fast I had no idea what was going on but figured I would work it out, she practically pushed me out the counter once I was done. Filled out my customs form, thank god I remembered a pen, went through security which still makes me nervous, have no idea why, must be the airport thing. That did take a while and by the time I found my gate there was no hope in he'll I was getting that coffee I craved so much. Damm. Waited 10min and was boarding the flight, cutting it fine I know. This plane is a lot bigger, a Airbus A330-300. The plane is about half full and i am sitting in the back section in the middle with an isle seat, 54D. Seats a little smaller and I don't u derstand why they need to have the aircon on so high, it's freezing!! But it came with a pillow and a blanket, which kind of makes me fee s little silly bringing my own lol, I have mentioned I dint fly international like ever and this is my first time alone. I was starving by now and was hoping the would serve lunch shortly which they did, and a whole lot better the last nights flight, took my one advice and stayed away from the Asia optioned which I thanked god for because when the lady next to me got the fish and Asian greens and rice, it looked disgusting!!   Anyway I got beef with red wine source, carrots, mash potato and beans, was actually pretty good. Along with that was z yummy salad, standard  cheese and biscuits, bread roll and this most amazing chocolate moose with salted caramel at the bottom, I could have eaten 10!! And who could forget the ice cold beer, I know 10:30am is a little early for beer but im on holidays :) 

After finally getting comfortable, relaxing and enjoying a movie thought I would check out my boarding pass for the next leg and am a bit confused, the time of boarding is correct but it doesn't make much sense and the lady didnt also tell me whether I had to pick up my bags or whether they are going straight through, hopefully when we land I can ask one of the ladies to check it all out for me and hopefully there are no dramas. Trying to not worry or think about it right now and just trying to enjoy the flight. Anyway on to the next movie, more beer and a nap. This flying thing is not too bad so far. 

Love cara @ 1:35pm xoxo

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